Our Philosophy

CanNRG is committed to being the company of choice for Hemp and CBD enhanced products. In order to fulfil and maintain this position, we govern every business decision with a philosophy that aligns with our core values.

Our goal is to establish a sustainable business that gains recognition and trust from our customers, members and ambassadors through uncompromising quality and reliable service. To this end, every aspect of CanNRG is built around trust, transparency and compliance with the regulations that govern and promote ethical practice and ensure our customers have access to current and validated information.

Our Core Values

Our goal is to share the potential life changing benefits of hemp-based Canabidiol (CBD) with as many individuals as possible and empower you to do the same for your family and friends. We believe that everyone should be given the choice to be in control of their lives, through optimal health and wellness.

We will achieve this by offering the highest quality CBD hemp oil formulas, proprietary blends and Nutraceutical products available anywhere today.

The CanNRG mission is to build a loyal group of empowered and passionate brand ambassadors representing our products. By providing information and education about ways to promote natural health and actively contributing to groups and organisations that align with our core values, we will achieve our goals.


To educate, inspire, and empower those who join the CanNRG community to live healthy, vibrant, fulfilling lives by being the foremost platform where consumers can pursue and promote improved long term health and wellness.

To provide an environment that will attract like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs to partner with us because of our strong culture. To align ourselves with people who share common values and a commitment to excellence and to empower them to grow, personally and professionally, while staying focused on their core goal of staying nourished,vitalised and energised.

Transparent Product Sourcing

We have a determined commitment to offer only the highest-quality hemp and Nutraceutical ingredients and finished products available. Through our close relationships with industrial hemp growers and extraction facilities in Europe, we source only hemp that is certified EU grown from organisations who are committed to the same quality-control standards we have. We purchase the highest-quality hemp oils, ethically grown and naturally processed within the E.U. We have developed our own higher standards of efficacy and we only align ourselves with partners who match or exceed these high standards. We make choices on our product sourcing, product packaging and business practices based on what is best for our products, our customers our and, the world environment.

Exceptional Product Development

We develop products that have been formulated to provide the most beneficial delivery methods to afford the user the greatest health benefits.When any product is created and sold with under the CanNRG label, our customers know that we have researched and identified the most effective blends of natural ingredients that enhance the health changing effects of CBD.We will never rush a product to the market. When we do introduce new products, CanNRG customers know that they are receiving the highest quality, with product consistency guaranteed. To this end we will always be transparent, honest and true to label.

Strong Brand Partners

Strong Brand Partners [Ambassadors] Our success will be built through others and we align ourselves with strong brand partners, our Ambassadors, who support the distribution of the CanNRG product line. We work only with partners who share our core values and commitment to excellence.

Our mission to build successful brand will be achieved by supporting our partners with the latest technology and resources through our proprietary business management system, quality marketing materials, product education and customer service and fulfilment. In addition, we partner with suppliers and manufacturers that offer full-service manufacturing in fully certified GMP and ISO certified facilities within the E.U.

Exceptional Customer Experience

To deliver a ‘ best in class’ experience to each of our customers, every time. Our goal is to meet or exceed their expectations both in the quality of products they receive and their overall experience with CanNRG. We back our commitment with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.*

If the product is returned un opened and in the condition it was dispatched then we will refund payment.

Paying It Forward

We are a ‘Mutual Benefit’ company and actively promote contribution to others in positive ways. Our team, in collaboration with our valuable customers, members and ambassadors, support groups and organisations that are aligned with our values and that are contributing to creating better human health and an environmentally sustainable world.

We make choices on our product sourcing, product packaging and business practices based on what is best for our products, our customers and, the world environment.